We Believe:

*The prison-industrial complex, in all its forms, including; immigrant detention centers, city and county jails, as well as state and federal prisons, must be abolished. This is a social evil that must be eradicated. The prison-industrial complex does not keep the community safe; it profits the elite while ravaging our communities.

*We are committed to ending racism, classism, patriarchy, ableism, cis-gendered privilege and ALL other interrelated forms of oppression. We recognize the prison-industrial complex is a racist institution, trans prisoners are especially vulnerable, and that women currently have the highest increase in rate of incarceration.

*All prisoners, regardless of their innocence or guilt, are worthy of dignity and support.

*Creating a community of resistance, support, love and mutual aid across the razor wire is a revolutionary act.

*Transformative justice, restorative justice, non-violent conflict resolution, forgiveness and community rehabilitation can and will replace the prison-industrial complex.

*Supporting prison reforms likely to lead to the eventual complete abolition of the prison industrial complex, such as amnesty programs, abolition of solitary confinement past 15 days, decriminalization of non-violent crimes, etc., can and will lead to an eventual abolition of prisons.

*Supporting acts of resistance behind the razor wire, and letting the voices, needs actions and desires of prisoners be amplified.

*Building broad coalition and community for all who wish to support prisoners or eradicate prisons.

*Engaging in peaceful actions and demonstrations to achieve these goals.